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We create online success. By maximising the use of the Internet, we lead you towards greater opportunities and give your organization online power.

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Since 2004, Laméco (pronounced "la-may-co") has been an active player in the internet sector and has grown to become one of the leading players of the industry. In recent years the company has seen rapid growth and has won several awards for our work. We are located in De Waterkant in Cape Town and have another office in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

Laméco’s core business is creating and maintaining the online success of an organisation. In doing so, we have built an extensive and profound portfolio over the recent years.

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Our expertise

  • Strategy

    What’s next? We will help you to get best out of the internet for your organisation. Being online brings opportunities, both short and long term ones. For a lot of companies now is the time to “do” in order to not “die”.

  • Web design

    Not just a beautiful website. Your website is the most important part of your online marketing. Make sure you have a sublime web design and user-friendly user-interface. Created by specialists.

  • Web development

    A smart website geared towards the visitor. A CMS which is easy to manage. We develop platform independent. In fact, we look at which technique will suit the website’s goals and characteristics best.

  • Mobile devices

    Your target market uses a mobile device to surf the web? We will help you gain control over this ever changing world. This means that we will create websites that will adapt itself to the location of the visitor or the size of the screen that is being used.

  • Online marketing

    We will make sure you will get clients via the internet. The visitor will find you when using a search engine. We measure everything to ensure a continuous growth in your online presence. We regard online marketing as a professional sport; you only count if you are exceptionally good in what you do.

  • Optimal profitability

    Using our advanced software, we do not only count the leads that come in via the website, we also measure their quality. This ensures continuous improvement of the customers’ optimal online experience. 

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